Saturday, February 1, 2014

Funny accessories

Hi Winners!!!

Today, we prepared just for you a selection of unusual accessories … Are you ready to discover amazing things?!! Let’s go... 

Mustache corkscrew

 USB distributor

Bag in box handbag

Special jug

Ice cream wine

Code screw

Bottle glass
Well, if you have personally other unusual accessory, please show us!!!!!
 Don’t forget, Wine Time Forever, how to drink better!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Meanwhile in the vinyard...

Hello Winners,

This week, a news is making the buzz from all around the world !!
Why ? Because this is new, funny & original !

Indeed, this week, Philippe Boucard, a famous winemaker in the Loire Valley invite chickens in his vinyard. The goal ? Avoid pesticide and weed killer.

Moroever, new firends of philippe will scratch and aerate the soil, mow, eat grass and insects. They will be doing a lot of the work !

What do you think about that winners ? Good philosophy, very innovative or just marketing operation in order to create the buzz ?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Grape Variety

When you buy a wine, 
What make you choose THIS Bottle ? 


you know it                                              the price                               the area

               the wine grower's name        the bottle shape                       the label or packaging

                                      THE GRAPPE VARIETY

YES the grappe variety can help you !!!

What about the grappe variety ? (or cepage in French)

All the grappe with which we make wine are from species Vitis vinifera, but with the time its evoluated to different varieties.

Stop with the historical part we will give you some grappe varieties per Frenchareas:

Champagne :
- Pinot Menier (red)
- Pinot Noir (red)
- Chardonnay (white)

Bordeaux :
- Cabernet Franc (red)
Saint Emilion
- Cabernet Sauvignon (red)
Medoc and Pessac-Léognan
- Merlot (red)
- Petit Verdot (red)
- Sémillion (white)
Sauternes ande Barsac
- Sauvignon (white)
Graves and Pessac-Léognan
- Muscadelle (white)

Bourgogne :
They use only 2 grappe varieties one white and one red, it is
- Pinot Noir (red)

- Chardonnay (white)
Alsace :
In this area the name of the wine depend of the grappe variety and not  the terroir
- Sylvaner (white)
- Pinot Blanc or klevner (white)
- Riesling (white)
- Muscat d'Alsace (white)
- Pinot Gris (red)
- Gewurztraminer (red)
- Pinot Noir (red)

-Malbec sometime its can be call Côt, Auxerrois or Pressac (red)

What is your favorite Grappe Variety ?

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello Winners !

Party is not finish, party never finish !!
What about Epiphany ? Have you any idea of what you can drink with Epiphany Cake ?

Sparkling of course ! Bubble in your glass, always means party. So if you like champagne, this is the time to drink it !

If you want to spend less money, there are an other good drink you can try. In Loire Valley, in France, they used the same method as in Champagne which is named "Vouvray". This kind of drink could be a good agreement to your Epiphany Cake.

For adventurers and red wine lovers, we can suggest you a light, thin and elegant Burgundy red wine.

With the traditional frangipane twelfth night cake, we advice you to choose a sweet wine with a touch of acidity. You can enjoy a wine based on chenin grapes. With another cake like a brioche, a "pinot noir" could be clever to try.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer !
Have a good week !

Monday, December 30, 2013


Hope you guys had a blast and had an awesome NYE !!!

From Wine Time Forever 's team

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Champagne for New Year !!!

Almost New Year Eve!!!

Time for Champagne !!!!

What do you now about Champagne ? 

It is a sparkling wine, YES !
BUT why doesn't it taste like any other sparkling in the world ?

To be call "Champagne" it have to me made in the french region Champagne and the wine growers have to respect a lot of things with the vine and how to mature it.

First : The Champagne region : 

Realy close to Paris
You can go to Reims easily by car or train(90 miles)
You can see the 5different areas where you can make Champagne :

Montagne de Reims
Vallée de la Marne
Côte des Blancs
Coteaux du Sézannais
Les vignobles de l'Aube

Cepage or grappe variety  :

The Champagne can only make with this 3 varieties of grappe :

      Pinot Meunier 

                                     Pinot Noir


Champagne are the only one who can mix red and with grappe to produce white and rosé.


How the wine become sparkling ?

We will not explain all chimical detail, BUT how to create bubbles into the wine.
Here are the big differences to make Champagne :
1- Grappe Harvest or Vendange
2 - Pressing or Pressurage
3 - Settling of the juce or Debourbage
same for still wine THEN
4 - Bottling or Tirage
Add a liqueur de tirage (sugar + yeast)
5 - A alcoholic fermentation in bottle call "prise de mousse"
6 - Bottle aging
The bottle is place on a "pupitre" and riddling it often to obtain all the deposit into the bottle-neck
7 - Disgorgement or Degorgement 
Take out the deposit : freeze the part with the deposit. When you open the bottle, it get ou with the pression
8 -Dosage of liqueur
Replace the deposit by a liqueur (wine and sugar), the quantity of sugar will define if the Champagne is brut, sec, demi sec ou doux

 The different types of Champagne




*Brut Nature or Extra Brut
this Champagne is made with the minimum of sugar required for the "Champagnisation".

*Blanc de Blanc
white champagne made only with white grappes (Chardonnay)

*Blanc de Noir
white Champagne made only with red grappes (Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir)


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter time !

Make less noise winers !!
It's time to sleep for vineyards...

In France, our vineyards are now falling into an hibernation  cycle ! It's means that the vineyards will be living with their reserves of starch until March.

So how is it working ?

In fact, the sap goes back into the roots to withstand the extreme of cold. 
Amazing fact : did you you know thar the plant can survive until -15°C?!

If you're in Bordeaux this week or in any other big city in France, you guys all shall go to the Christmas market and try the famous "Vin Chaud" to warm you up ! We have tasted the one from Alsace this week in Bordeaux and all we can say is GO FOR it !! Plus, you can keep this adorable glass for only 1€ ! 

We wish you guys a Merry Christmas, have fun with your family, and…. 
don't forget to drink wine of course !!!